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Hello my name is Jake Donlan. I’m originally from the UK.
Most of my life I have expressed myself as a dancer, I have performed for artists such as Akon and choreographed street/contemporary pieces for theatre, travelling all over the UK. I have also been a part of a touring boyband called “Yes lad” in my teens.
Now I’m 26 I have spent the last year working on TikTok as an influencer, focusing my own personal growth and creating a schedule which I use to develop. As well as creating fun content online I also enjoy modelling, I have worked with brands such as Puma, Adidas and many more.

I see my social presence as somebody who is real and relatable who used his experience to help and guide others. I do this through writing music and sharing motivation and real understanding it with a live audience. Music is another passion of mine! I am disciplined to stay fit and working towards goals within my physique.

Now through my pursuit of happiness I am honoured to be a part of RVNGE House all the way out in TX. So excited for this climb!

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